Ulysses S. Grant and the Battle of Vicksburg


The Battle of Vicksburg was a moment of great consequence in the history of the Civil War, and of the United States itself. The Battle of Vicksburg marked a turning point in the war: the successful capture of one of the last Confederate strongholds on the Mississippi River. This effectively split the Confederacy in half, which had been the Union strategy from the very beginning of the war. Steadily, Confederate morale began to wane as they realized that the Union had regained the upper hand and would win the war. Less than a year later, General Robert E. Lee surrendered his army to Grant at the Battle of Appomattox Court House, which was considered to be the last major battle in the Civil War. This battle also marked the rise of a new general, Ulysses S. Grant, the coordinator of the siege at Vicksburg, rising from obscurity. Grant was one of the greatest generals in the history of the United States, later leading the Union to defeat the Confederacy at the Battle of Appomattox Court House as well as becoming the nation's 18th President.
Picture: The Illinois Memorial at Vicksburg National Military Park honoring soldiers who died at Vicksburg

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