Ulysses S. Grant and the Battle of Vicksburg

Aftermath and Impact

The Battle of Vicksburg is considered by most modern day historians to be one of the most major events in the Civil War. Some even consider it to be the very turning point in the war, allowing the Union the regain its footing and win the upper hand. The Union strategy from the very beginning of the war had been to capture the entire Mississippi River before advancing on Richmond, the Confederate capital. With the capitulation of Vicksburg, this goal was virtually completed. Just a few days later, Port Hudson surrendered, handing the control of the entire Mississippi into Union hands. In cutting the Confederacy in half, the Union gained a tactical advantage. The western half of the Confederacy could no longer communicate effectively with the Confederate headquarters in Richmond  therefore removing it from the war. The battle also brought General Ulysses S. Grant, an obscure military officer into the bigger picture. Grant went on to become one of the greatest generals in American history.
Picture: Statue commemorating the Battle of Vicksburg

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