Ulysses S. Grant and the Battle of Vicksburg

Army Career

After graduating from the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, Grant was assigned the duty of regimental quartermaster, achieving the rank of lieutenant, although he was more suited for cavalry. Grant was sent to Jefferson Barracks, near St. Louis, Missouri. There he met Julia  Boggs Dent, sister of his roommate, and daughter of a Missouri slave owner with strong Southern sentiments. Grant and Dent became engaged right before Grant was transferred to Camp Salubrity, Louisiana, where he was promoted to Second Lieutenant. Soon, the Mexican-American War began, which Grant fought in, though he disapproved of it. In the war, Grant was Brevetted twice, with the First Lieutenant and Captain ranks, for his bravery at the battles of Molino del Rey and Chapultepec. Grant married Julia Dent in Saint Louis on August 22, 1848. He was reassigned to duty at Madison Barracks in Sackets Harbor, New York. In 1849, Grant was transferred to Detroit and was returned  to Sackets Harbor in 1851. On May 30, 1850, Grant's first son, Frederick Dent Grant was born in St. Louis. In 1852, Grant's regiment was ordered to the Pacific Coast, and Grant was stationed at Columbia Barracks in Fort Vancouver in the Oregon Territory. On July 22, 1822, Grant's second son, Ulysses S. Grant Jr., was born in Bethel, Ohio. In 1853, Grant was promoted to Captain. In January of 1854, he was stationed at Fort Humboldt, California. On April 11, Grant resigned and rejoined his family. According to legend, Grant was forced to resign because of drinking habits, although there is no real proof of this.
Picture: Ulysses S. Grant photo

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