Ulysses S. Grant and the Battle of Vicksburg


Before Grant decided to settle into a siege, Grant tried his best to achieve victory as quickly as possible. On May 19, Grant ordered an immediate assault. When this attempt was repulsed, Grant ordered artillery to soften the defenses and attacked again. This attempt was defeated as well. These failures greatly lowered Union morale and greatly raised Confederate morale, regaining their fighting edge. For the entire day, 157 Union soldiers were killed, 777 were wounded, and 8 were missing, while only 8 Confederates were dead and 62 were wounded. On May 22, Grant attacked again, but this time, being more careful. 220 pieces of artillery were fired at Vicksburg and the assault ensued. Once again, this attack was forced back. Union casualties were 502 killed, 2,550 wounded, and 147 missing. Finally, Grant resolved to begin the siege. The assaults were costly, but Grant did not regret any of them, only that they had failed.

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