Ulysses S. Grant and the Battle of Vicksburg


Union Commanders

  • Major General Ulysses S. Grant: Commander of the Union Army of the Tennessee and Coordinator of Siege of Vicksburg
  • Major General John A. McClernand: XIII Corps
  • Major General Edward O. C. Ord: XIII Corps
  • Major General William T. Sherman: XV Corps
  • Major General Cadwallader C. Washburn: XVI Corps detatchment
  • Major General James B. McPherson: XVII Corps

Confederate Commanders

  • Lieutenant General John C. Pemberton: Commander of the Confederate Army of Mississippi.
  • Major General Carter L. Stevenson
  • Major General John H. Forney
  • Major General Martin Luther Smith
  • Major General John S. Bowen
  • Major General Samuel G. French
  • Major General William W. Loring
  • Major General William H.T. Walker
  • Full General Joseph E. Johnston: Confederate Army of the West (Relief Army)

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