Ulysses S. Grant and the Battle of Vicksburg

Prior Battles

The Battle of Vicksburg was simply the end of a long campaign to capture Vicksburg. The campaign consisted of many important naval operations, troop maneuvers, and distinct battles from December 26, 1862, to July 4, 1863. Grant had first conducted an approach of Vicksburg from two fronts, but this initiative failed. Grant then tried several "experiments" which too failed. Finally, Union gunboats managed to break through into the Mississippi River and transport Grant's men closer to Vicksburg. Grant then maneuvered his army in an elaborate series of demonstrations and diversions that fooled the Confederates, preventing them from intercepting the advance. Over the next 17 days, Grant maneuvered his army inland and won five battles, captured the state capital of Jackson, Mississippi, and assaulted and laid siege to Vicksburg.

Picture: Union gunboats running Confederate Blockade

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